Friday, December 25, 2009

Thanks for the Ski Trip Cookie Arrangement

Thanks for the Ski Trip Cookie Arrangement

Winter is officially in full effect! There are so many wonderful things that come with wintertime, aside from the holidays, one being the beautiful white snow. Many of us enjoy the snow for a variety of different reasons, whether its sleigh riding, making snow angels or taking a ski trip with friends and family… snow brings fun and joy to everyone during the winter season.

With all this fun and activity, it’s only right to share Clever Cookie’s, Ski Trip Cookie Arrangement with those of your friends and family you enjoy these wonderful winter weekends out on the slopes with. The Ski Trip Cookie Arrangement is filled with an adorable collection of sweater-clad ski bears, each one a delicious companion to that apr├Ęs ski cup of hot cocoa! Not only are these shortbread cookies an excellent treat for those cold winter nights, but they are a great idea to bring along with you on your next ski trip as the perfect lodge-warming gift!

For those friends and family you share a night with by the fireplace, during a winter storm, enjoying each other’s company, in a ski lodge or an upstate house… deserve a delicious treat, and why not make it one you know they will love, The Ski Trip Cookie Arrangement is perfect! Be sure not to hold out on those you love, and share the delicious treat of the Ski Trip Cookie Arrangement with them, and we assure you… they will be thankful and extremely grateful that you shared such a wonderful treat with them during these winter months.

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