Friday, October 30, 2009

New York City Marathon

Around this time every year, athletes from all over the world come to New York City to participate in the New York City Marathon. Nearly 300,000 runners each year come to run 26.2 miles through all five boroughs of New York city starting at the Verrazano-Narrow Bridge in Staten Island and ending at Tavern on the Green In Manhattan. It really is a site to see.

Apparently this week Clever Cookie's Marathon Runner Cookie Arrangement seems to be getting a lot of attention. A lot of our customers this week must have relationships with runners and must be wanting to reward these runners with a treat they were deprived of during all that strenuous training. The team at Clever Cookie wishes the best of luck and the best of health to each and every member of the New York City Marathon on Sunday November 1st.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Giant Skull & Cross Bones Cookie

The skull and cross bones is an instantly recognizable symbol that has been around for centuries, and will remain for centuries to come. The symbol can mean a variety of things, but it is mostly used as a symbol of danger and death. Pirates had giant flags with the skull and cross bones that were seen as a universal symbol of danger in the eyes of the beholder, and entrances to most Spanish cemeteries contain the emblem to represent the death of the fallen.

Thanks to Clever Cookie the traditional symbol of danger and death is no longer a threat, but a treat! This Halloween, Clever Cookie has developed the perfect recipe for the Giant Skull and Cross Bones cookie that has been a big hit this week. Our cookie experts relish turning danger into delicious, and the Giant Skull and Cross Bones cookie are sure to be a hit with Ghouls and Goblins both young and old.

If you haven't treated anyone to the Giant Skull and Cross Bones cookie yet, you can still get this week’s cookie of the week before Halloween at

Friday, October 16, 2009

Clever Cookie's First Cookie Of The Week!

No other time of the year inspires creativity like Halloween. Children and adults alike get creative with spooky costumes and decorate their homes completing the transformation from mild-mannered to haunted. That same spirit extends to chefs and bakers when it comes to creating the treats of the season.

Every year, Clever Cookie gets a chance to spook our customers with many Halloween cookie arrangements. A lot of time, effort, and creativity goes into creating the most delicious, creepiest witches, spiders, mummies and tombstone cookies. Clever Cookie is proud to announce that the Creepy Halloween Cookie Arrangement is the first ever "Cookie of the Week"! Not only is this basket a hit with everyone who sees it, but our cookie experts have a lot of fun turning these creepy creatures into tasty cookies!