Friday, December 18, 2009

Giant Abominable Snowman Decorated Cookie

With each holiday, there are certain characters that become associated with that particular holiday. Around this time of year, one character that tends to come to mind is the infamous Abominable Snowman, from Rudolph’s Island of Misfit Toys. This wonderful Christmas television special is one we have grown up with, and learned to love as it has become a part of Christmas throughout the years. This is one part of the holiday season that will always be a part of the amazing and exciting time of the year, that’s why we at Clever Cookie have decided to create the Giant Abominable Snowman Decorated Cookie, and keep with the spirit of Christmas.

The Giant Abominable Snowman Decorated Cookie is a giant among cookies… a huge 10” in diameter, roughly around the size of the Abominable Snowman’s foot print! These decorated snowman cookies are personalized with your big message, whatever you’d like it to be. It’s a wonderful idea to send your giant holiday wishes to all of those on your holiday list, both big and small!

The Clever Cookie giant decorated snowman cookie is sure to uncover warm smiles this holiday season. Hand-decorated from the tip of its head to its bright red tongue… tongues will wag in anticipation of biting into this adorable Abominable Snowman Decorated Cookie. After all, with all our shortbread cookies, our decorated snowman cookie is not only great to look at, but it’s irresistibly delicious as well! Help spread to holiday spirit and love to all your friends and family, with Clever Cookie’s Giant Abominable Snowman Decorated Cookie and we assure you it’ll be a GIANT hit!

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