Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Giant Skull & Cross Bones Cookie

The skull and cross bones is an instantly recognizable symbol that has been around for centuries, and will remain for centuries to come. The symbol can mean a variety of things, but it is mostly used as a symbol of danger and death. Pirates had giant flags with the skull and cross bones that were seen as a universal symbol of danger in the eyes of the beholder, and entrances to most Spanish cemeteries contain the emblem to represent the death of the fallen.

Thanks to Clever Cookie the traditional symbol of danger and death is no longer a threat, but a treat! This Halloween, Clever Cookie has developed the perfect recipe for the Giant Skull and Cross Bones cookie that has been a big hit this week. Our cookie experts relish turning danger into delicious, and the Giant Skull and Cross Bones cookie are sure to be a hit with Ghouls and Goblins both young and old.

If you haven't treated anyone to the Giant Skull and Cross Bones cookie yet, you can still get this week’s cookie of the week before Halloween at

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